Prefabricated transformers subtations are used in the tri-phase electrical networks and have following advantages

• Easy to transport
• Quick installation
• Reduced maintenance
• 30 years lifetime
• Safety for the personnel and environment

Based on the customer requiest, the substation can be build „walk-in” or „non walk-in” type.

The substation are composed of concrete foundation, water and oil resistant and the cabin, with a natural ventilation system which ensure a protection degree IP54 for medium voltage room and IP45 for the entire substation. Temperatrure class is 10K for transformers up to 400kVA and 20K for transformers over 400kVA.

The design is based on IEC62271-202 standard. In this regard, the homologated product was tested in 2007 at ICMET Craiova Laboratory to internal arc according IEC62271-202 Annex A. The substation was succesfully tested at 16kA/1 sec electric arc for IAC-AB class whic is the highesc class for personnel safety.


Climatic zone

N, according STAS 6535/ 83

Operating category

1, according STAS 6692/ 83


max. 1000 m

Ambient temperature during operation

min. – 40 °C; max. + 40 °C

Ambient temperature during transport

– 25 °C ÷ + 40 °C

Relative humidity during operation

100% la max. + 25 °C

Relative humidty during transport and storage

80% la + 20 °C

Seismic acceleration ground level


Fire resistangce


Protection degree

IP 45

Noise level


 The product was tested in at ICMET Craiova Laboratory ccording IEC62271-202 with following test reports :

-No. 10033 – Internal arc test Ip = 40kA, Ik = 16kA, tk = 1s, IAC-AB;

-No 10039 – Thermal and dynamic test for low voltage, medium voltage and grounding circuits;

-No 10037 – Thermal class of the envelope

-No 10033 – Noise level test

Post de transformare, echipamente de medie si joasa tensiune, celula stabilitate termica, trafo de putere, tablou joasa tensiune, capete terminale, post de transformare cu actionare din exterior, AAR